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About Us

IG Supply Chain is a part of IG International, the largest importer of fresh fruit in India for the last 50 years. For more than 50 years, IG has developed the infrastructure, built the team, and proven the expertise needed to handle temperature-controlled products.

We are here to deliver efficiency gains through solutions that reduce complexity, handovers, and waste.  

cargo deserves better sense
to store and move

We go all the way to ensure that your refrigerated shipment is stored in our temperature-controlled warehouses so that the safety & integrity of your precious cargo is maintained, always.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

While our supply chain management focuses on the speed, cost and reliability of operations, even more importantly we add the goals of upholding environmental and societal values.

We take steps to lower our carbon emissions, cut back on waste and reverse climate change.

Our cold storages are solar powered, and are made of eco-friendly and recyclable material. We use energy-saving technology for our refrigeration solutions. We plan to electrify our transportation fleet to cut vehicular pollution.

Our Mission

As a leading supply chain management company, it is our current and future commitment to protect the environment, provide the highest service quality, and care for the health and safety of our employees.



As a part of IG International, we share the same vision of being the market leader by adopting innovative and sustainable technology and adhering to the highest ethical standards to provide solutions to our customer’s ever-growing needs and create value for all our stakeholders.

Cold Storage

We leverage technology and expertise for your cold solution

Our technologically advanced, strategically located Cold Storage facilities across India along with the proven expertise needed to handle temperature-controlled products gives you the unmatched advantage to focus developing your business without worrying for your cold chain logistics.

Built for Multi-purpose

Whether it’s fresh produce — fruits or vegetables, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals & healthcare products, or chemicals & fertilizer, IG specializes in reliably maintaining it.

Network throughout India for greater reach